Bean to bar single origin chocolate 

We believe in craftsmanship and healthy living. Our chocolate bars are made in small batches to preserve the quality of every bar while using two main ingredients: high quality cacao beans and sustainable brown cane sugar, both grown in El Salvador.

Making exceptional chocolate is our passion and has always been from day one. We are a family business located in El Salvador that has taken an ancestral Mesoamerican crop, cocoa, and transformed it into a delicious experience that takes us back to the basic and true flavor of single-origin cacao.

We believe that we can share our origins with the world by working fairly with producers and artisans. We are committed to create a positive social impact in our country one chocolate bar at a time!





Belú Cacao El Salvador

Our online store currently ships exclusively in El Salvador, but we're working to expand our borders.  If you're interested in our products and live outside ESA please email us to:






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